Even today finest ancient gold jewelry, Roman silver vessels, bronze statuettes and ostentatious Celtic and Roman weapons are fine witnesses for the glory and glamour of past ages. We are full of admiration for the craft and the resplendence of antique Empires like the Babylonian, Syrian, Egyptian, Celtic, Germanic and Roman, when we visit the most famous museums like the Louvre, the British Museum, Pompeji and museums of Archaeology in all over the world.

Somehow, scholars and archaeologists can open a wide gap in these worlds full of human fate and thinking and they can help us, on the basis of excavation documantary and drawings of orginal finds, to bring the creativity and beauty of ancient materials like jewelry, weapons, brooches and bronze vessels to life. We try to achieve the aim, in coporation with archaeologists and restaurators, to produce replicas of these unique works of art. Whereby we use ancient techniques like inlay, niello, granulation and embossed work in the painstakingly executed manner.

We want to achieve the most possible similiarity from replica to orginal, by invastigating the single production steps of an ancient object, connected with the authenticity of the used materials. For this purpose, gems need to be cut after an accurate template and to follow the original, every object needs the same fabrication process like its ancient archetype: in this way Etruscian gold jewelry, Alamannic almandin brooches, Roman swords and Pompejian silver vessels can reemerge in their former brightness.

Only by the denying of mass production and modern production thinking, the replicas get in patient work their former charisma and invest their bearer with a piece of idividuality and glamour of ancient times. In this connection we would like to dissociate us from these low price products made of synthetic resin and ready pressing moulds. We produce full functional replicas, which are fully reconstructed after ancient techniques and which are liable to accurate research. Replicas of Etruscian, Greek or Roman gold jewelry are made of the highest gold alloy, the fine gold. Roman daggers and swords are tin plated in fire and get a hand carved hilt of ivory or fine timber.

Are you in search of a high-class replica as an especial gift? We can offer you cameorings with enraving after your pattern as well as richly decorated Roman daggers or precious silver bowls after originals from Pormpeji and Xanten in a special job-work. Or do you belong to a re-enactment group and need some replicas, jewelry and dressing items like brooches, Roman military belts or brooches and rings from the Middleages? We like to help you to get want you want with a custom-made product.

For museums and gift shops, pedagocial demonstrations, exhibtions in museums and special gifts for antiquity fans, we are sure we have something suitable for you.